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Factors to Consider While Choosing College

Once you have completed the 10th standard, the next big decision students must make is selecting the course stream to pursue their higher education and college. Choosing college is more than the name on the secondary school certificate as it touches several aspects of their life from academic studies to social activities and beyond. Hence, […]

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100 Seconds to Midnight: Conversations at a Seminar

100 Seconds to Midnight: Conversations at a Seminar is the latest intriguing and eye-opening book by the often prophetic and always interesting author, Surendra Kumar Sagar. The provocative title references the so-called Doomsday Clock and how close the hands of it have moved towards midnight, the time when Doomsday will supposedly happen and all of […]

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Hypnosis and Self-Knowledge

Most people do not understand hypnosis. Many think they cannot be hypnotised, and many believe someone hypnotises them. What they know about hypnosis is mostly from watching hypnosis performed on stage or TV. So they have the wrong idea about hypnosis and what it does to the individual. Here I am going to try to […]

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Mainstream Radio In The USA Part II

There are so many ways to get your music heard today. The easiest way is by posting a music video on YouTube and hoping it will get some attention by more than enough You Tuber’s watching and listening on their favorite channel. More than enough recording artist have become famous due to their exposure on […]

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